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What are people saying?

I have to say that my residents LOVE CommunityShare.” - Activity Director
It really keeps you in touch in many ways. I find myself getting up in the morning...and the first thing I do is see how many messages I have.” - Resident
It’s nice to come in and feel like we are immediately brought up to date since our last visit.” - Volunteer
The residents absolutely LOVE the new LifeShare. We find gentleman who are normally in their rooms sitting and watching the funny videos we put up. You guys ROCK!!!” - Activity Director
Our campuses are loving LifeShare.” - Home Office Support
The LifeShare System is something I would recommend for any long term care facility.” - Social Worker
I’m computer illiterate, and it’s very easy.” - Resident
LifeShare has made things much easier by allowing messages to be sent at any time of day or night, which is important when a couple of us siblings are located in Florida and California.” - Family Member