LifeShare, In-Room Experience: For Seniors

Engage with Family. Connect with Staff. Feel at Home.


LifeShare connects seniors through the convenience of a familiar device, the television! Residents and families can stay connected via email, social media, text messaging, pictures and videos, using their existing TV and a simple remote control. LifeShare users have access to Games, Therapeutic Music, Faith Programming, Weather, News and more. LifeShare truly enriches the senior living experience.

The LifeShare box connects to any television. Using the Internet, the box retrieves information and displays it in a simple format on the users TV. Navigation is handled through a simplified remote control or optional wireless keyboard. Loved ones can send emails, text messages, social media posts, pictures and videos and they will all show up on the TV.

Simple Technology

Connects to Any TV


Memory Care Applicable




Family Connection

Personal Messaging

Picture & Video Slideshow

Family Manager App



LifeShare Features

Games, Videos & Photos

Music and Faith Programs

News & Podcasts


Campus Updates

Menus & Activities


Resident Notifications


Real Partners. Real Stories.

LifeShare gives me contact with my family that lives in other states. I have a son in Georgia and I see pictures of his orange trees. I get to see pictures of my granddaughter and her two kids that live all the way in Massachusetts. I also get pictures of my sister and her grandchildren as well as great-grandchildren who live in Florida.

Harold Rafferty

Resident, Wellbrooke of Westfield

LifeShare is awesome, and I enjoy putting info and pictures of the residents on our CommunityShare. They love seeing their pictures and talking to other residents about the pictures. 

There are so many families that live far away and cannot visit that often. It helps the family members as well as the resident to feel better when they can communicate. There is no better way than pictures when they have a Family Manager Account.

My wish for LifeShare is for more and more residents to just try it. I know support is continually working on ways to make it more user-friendly friendly, and I, for one, am very appreciative!

Rosetta Tolson

Life Enrichment Director, Cedar Ridge Health Campus



Simple is not “less”. Simple is easy, efficient, logical, reliable, practical, and affordable.  We believe the most successful technology is the simplest to use technology. Simple is LifeShare.


LifeShare’s pioneering delivery through any TV is transforming the way communication is being shared. And that’s just the beginning. If you are an innovator, we should talk.


At some level, you are different from every other individual or group we work with. LifeShare will work with you to tailor a set of services to your needs. Tell us what you want to do.


If you have questions, we’re here to help. Contact us at, or at 317-825-0320. Or visit the Support Center link at the top of the page.

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