Transform Your Senior Living Experience

Providing simple technologies that connect residents, families, and staff.

How it Works

Connect to a TV

The LifeShare device connects to any existing TV using an HDMI cord. No Smart TV necessary! Whether the TV is in a resident's room or a common area location, it will begin displaying your community's information.

Manage from Anywhere

Our web-based management system allows for community content such as activities, menus, and announcements to be added and updated by your staff from anywhere using laptops, smart phones, or tablets. Once added, content will automatically be pushed to the LifeShare devices around your community.

Transform your Community

LifeShare promotes resident and family engagement, assists with communicating daily schedules, and streamlines staff processes such as calendar creation and resident activity reminders. Regardless of how "tech-savvy" you are, LifeShare is simple to use.

Unengaged Seniors

In many Senior Living Communities, residents deal with separation and disconnection. We understand this and wanted to make a change. With the help of neighboring Senior Living Communities, we developed a solution. LifeShare makes it easy to stay in touch with family, friends, and the rest of the community.

Inefficient Communication

Senior Living Communities have struggled with communicating important information to residents, families, and staff. With LifeShare, staying up-to-date, informed, and engaged has never been easier. Long gone are the days of creating calendars on Word or knocking on resident doors to remind them of activities.

Disconnected Family Members

When our loved ones transition to Senior Living, we understand this can be a tough reality. It is hard to stay in touch and connected. Fortunately, with the LifeShare Family Mobile App, families are provided with a communication gateway to stay connected no matter where they live.

Problems Solved

Our Solutions

For Staff

Common Area Digital Signage
Display Announcements
Calendar Creation
Web-Based Management
Activity Resource

For Residents

Community Notifications
Personal Family Messaging
Picture/Video Slideshow
Family Manager Capability
Games, Music, Faith & Podcasts

For Families

Phone/Tablet Compatible
Community Information
Appointment Reminders
Personal Photo Uploads
Manage Resident Contacts

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"We spent about 2 hours a week creating weekly calendars that had to be hand typed into Word. Now we can easily data input a calendar event, make it repeatable, and assign it to different areas of campus with one entry! The system is easy to navigate."
Michele Tarsitano-Amato
Director of Creative Arts Therapy/Dementia Specialist
"My favorite thing about LifeShare is the LifeShare Family Mobile App - I love the fact that families can stay in touch, see what their loved one is up to and decide on good days to come and visit by seeing our activities, announcements, and menus!"
Becky Wolf
Executive Director
"My schedule stays busy and this program has allowed me to easily share announcements, post other people's flyers, celebrate resident birthdays, share weekly calendars, and create our monthly calendar that is published in our newsletter each month."
Liz Pope
Life Enrichment Coordinator
Staff Users
Resident Users