Published By: Callie Wright

As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In the world of marketing and sales for senior living, the picture you can paint for prospective residents and families is what makes the sale. In most communities, prospective residents and families take tours of the building for informational and cultural attempts to paint a picture of happy community life for the resident. Let’s be honest, the timing of the tours is never precise and perfect to capture all the facets of community life. With that being said, how do you paint the picture without physical representation? Why not skip the paper waste, and utilize your hallway digital signage to show pre-loaded photo slideshows?

Here’s our list of 3 Marketing Photo Albums you should have on your slideshow:

1. Highlight Reel of Activities, Events and Outings Photo – put a spotlight on the fun culture you promote in your community. Share pictures of current residents enjoying themselves with unique activities, events, and outings.

2. Building and Amenity Photos and Maps – weather, events, and timing can be factors in being able to access all areas of the building. Not to mention the mobility of prospective residents. Don’t just tell about the benefits and amenities of the community – show them.

3. Room Pictures and Floor Plans – depending on occupancy fluctuations, you may only have one designated “MODEL” room. Your community may offer different care units and room layouts. Help families visualize themselves in their new home, by showing 2D maps, 3D room layouts, and pictures of an example room with furniture.

We would love to help your sales and marketing team work smarter to increase your community occupancy rate. If you would like directions on how to add marketing picture albums, hide them from the community slideshow, access/play marketing picture slideshows on-demand, please contact: