Our Development Team has been hard at work over the past few months creating the new mobile app, SHARE. Families, residents, and staff will need to download and log into SHARE. There are directions for doing so here. As your community makes the transition, take the opportunity to make sure your community information is up-to-date. The SHARE Mobile App makes the information easier to find and use from the “Contact Us” button on the Home Page. 

Below are 5 pieces of information you should update or add for your community. To update the information, click into your campus level community (with the building icon) and go to “Settings” then choose “Contact Info” on the right side of the screen.

  1.  Community Website

Add a direct link to your community website or Facebook page. Allow families to easily access the website through the link.

  1.  Phone Number

Add the community phone number with area code and enable people to reach out using the mobile app.

  1. Address 

Our app allows people to click on your address and get directions to the campus. Make sure the address is up-to-date.

  1. General Community Email

Use a general contact email here rather than a staff email. Add the staff account option to add staff contacts.

  1. Staff Contacts

Add Staff that are able to be contacted through the Mobile App. This allows family and residents using the mobile app to be able to send emails to the address used for login. Follow the steps below:

New Staff Account

  • Under the section where you toggle on rights, toggle the 3rd switch (Allow people to contact this person through the Mobile App) to green and click save.
New Staff Account Rights

Existing Staff Account

  • Go to the Campus Level Community (Building Icon). Click into the Directory then on the right choose Staff. Click on the Staff Members name, then go to Settings. Toggle the Switch that says “Allow People to Contact Me Through the Mobile App” to green and click save.
Existing Staff Account Rights

For further information on setting up the Community PIN for your community, see this document.