Published By: Cindy Vondenkamp

Drop in to any forum where Activity Directors network and support each other and you’ll understand how much they truly want to succeed in their role.  Not only for themselves, but overwhelmingly because of the love and dedication they have for making a difference in the lives of their residents. 

One post read, “Overall I love my job and residents! It feels so good when they’re excited to see me and want to know how my day is going and the activities that are scheduled.  I came here to make a difference in their lives and they deserve the best.  But my passion is waning and my frustration is growing.   Please help me.  I don’t want to burn-out and go home, like many others have done”

While the Activities team plays a vital role in the success of a senior community, there are some unfortunate themes in many of these networking forums such as…

 “Other departments have an attitude of don’t worry, Activities will take care of it.”

“I’ve heard other staff say, I wish I had your job, all you do is play, it looks so easy.”

“I need new ideas on how to manage and do all the admin stuff better”

“Anyone have a better way to let everyone know about last minute schedule changes, other than printing, printing, printing and running around like crazy?”

I wear so many hats, I sometimes feel like a ring master of chaos”

While working with Activity Directors and Programs professionals all across the county our hearts go out to these important team members.  Their role impacts the overall satisfaction of residents and families, and there needs to be a solution to avoid the all-too-common burn-out.

At LifeShare, our founders started with a mission to reduce social isolation for seniors and increase family connectedness.  Once senior living staff saw the in-room personalized LifeShare platform and how it was enhancing the overall engagement amongst residents and families, requests started flooding in to further expand our offerings.  “Could you do something like this [insert need] for staff too?”   CommunityShare for common area televisions, and the robust platform, was developed in response to specific problems that needed solving continued collaboration with enrichment teams, executive directors, sales and marketing teams. These teams have overwhelmingly provided the expert advice we needed to drive our feature sets.  Requests have resulted in additional features like a free mobile app to increase engagement and awareness, automated phone activity reminders for families to keep everyone up-to-date, and on-demand resources providing access to a library of games, music, faith programs, and podcasts.

Whether you’re looking to increase community wide awareness through visual messaging to display activity schedules, menus, photo’s, announcements, or need to access over 2,000 hours of activity content, LifeShare has an affordable solution. Reducing printing costs and redundant administrative tasks while increasing resident participation and staff/family engagement, are just some of the many ways LifeShare continues to work to support all of you who care for our seniors.  We feel your time is best spent caring for those you serve, not glued to your computer screen. Our ecosystem is specifically built to help you work smarter, not harder.

If you’re feeling the pull to help avoid burnout, then LifeShare is here to help! Our team is eager to work with you to begin to chip away at that burnout-iceberg your team may experience.

Contact us today to see if LifeShare can provide a solution for you.  317.825.0320 x2