LifeShare Technologies crafts elegant technology to improve the lives of seniors, their families, and those who love, support and care for them.

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Software Engineer

We’re a fast-paced team looking for motivated, self-starting developer who… zzzzzzz. Okay, let’s try this… do you like solving problems and using software to do it? Do you *need* to know how things work? Do you have an itch in the back of your brain when you know there’s a better solution to a task and it won’t go away unless you at least explore what that might be? Do you still calmly, but quietly do a little hamster dance at your desk when your code works the first time? Not only are you okay with this, but do you actually enjoy the notion that today you might be implementing a new service and tomorrow you might have to implement a new UI component?

LifeShare Technologies is searching for an engineer who eagerly answers yes to all of these questions. We’re a small team that develops technology for seniors to better engage them with their friends, families, and caretakers. We have a suite of web, mobile, and television-based applications that connect all of these individuals and we’re looking for an engineer to help us expand these offerings.

The ideal candidate is not afraid to work at any level of the software stack. Today you could be implementing the interface for a new feature, but tomorrow you could be re-thinking our object model so that common queries can execute more efficiently. Our front-end tools are standard HTML5/CSS/JS while our API and backend services are written in Java. A great candidate is not someone who has memorized all of the classes in java.util but rather understands and writes clean, well-documented object-oriented and functional code – whether it is Java, C#, Python, or [insert popular language]. We love sharing what we’ve learned in our decades of writing software, so candidates need to be willing to learn from us as well as research things on their own. Conversely, candidates should not be afraid to point out our bad ideas and suggest/implement better ones.

Here are just a few of the duties and expectations we would place on someone in this role:

  • Help identify, design, and implement new features (from database to UI).
  • Develop code for any of our platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Java/Linux.
  • Support and update the underlying architecture for better scalability.
  • Improve software development processes, testing, and devops procedures.
  • Work with the Support team to resolve customer issues.
  • Meet with customers to brainstorm ideas for new features.
  • Assist in the release process as we update thousands of mobile devices.
  • Teach and mentor other members of the team – even those more “senior” than you.

If this sounds like a fulfilling challenge, we want to hear from you. Please email your resume to and let us know.

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