Published By: Miles McCollum

In a couple days, my wife and I, along with 13 of our closest friends, will embark on the trip of a lifetime. Ever since our college days we have been talking and dreaming about taking a trip to Yellowstone, however for the past few years nobody had taken the initiative to book the trip. On a cold snowy night this past winter, one of the wise couples in our group decided to go ahead and book a cabin and whoever committed would reserve a spot on the trip. Although this was risky not knowing how many people would actually commit, and knowing full-well the two of them could end up enjoying a lonesome 15 person cabin, it was the best decision they have ever made. In less than 10 hours of the cabin being booked, 15 people swore an oath to have the trip of a lifetime.

A few weeks after the initial excitement had settled down, we quickly realized we would need to be strategic with our planning in order to make time for all the things we wanted to do. A few priorities are …

  • Flyfish the Yellowstone River
  • Horseback ride through the park
  • Enjoy a steak dinner around the fire with cowboys, harmonica, and coffee as thick as mud
  • Hike a handful of mountains
  • Show off our midwestern line dancing skills
  • Explore some of the main attractions in Yellowstone

I am beyond ecstatic to explore the Yellowstone National Park and set the hook on that first rainbow trout (hopefully sooner than later in the trip), however, I am most excited for the memories that will be made.

I am excited to spend a day hiking, however, the memory will be standing on top of the mountain with my wife by my side, looking over God’s creation.

I cannot wait to catch some fish, however, the memory will be looking downstream and seeing my best friends wading in the river, probably with their fly-lines tangled around their knees, going after that record trout.

The feeling of sitting under the stars with a hot cup of joe will be unforgettable, but it’s the stories told that will create a lasting memory.

Over the past three years of working at LifeShare, I have had the opportunity to hear some great stories from world-class travelers. I have talked to people who have backpacked the Appalachian Trail, couples who have camped the summer in Glacier National Park with nothing but a sleeping bag and cooking utensils, friends who have spent months on end fishing for Salmon in Alaska. The stories I have heard can go on and on, but the one commonality between all of them are the lasting memories that were made. I can picture all the events that are told (backpacking with friends, camping with a sleeping bag resting beside a fire, reeling in salmon after salmon), but I can’t picture the untold memories that were made. Memories are something you share with the people you are with, and the people you love. Although I have a goal of catching a record trout on a mediocre fly rod, it’s the memories we will make that I am looking forward to the most.

Where did you go on your trip of a lifetime? What memories do share from the experience?