Published By: Todd Banvich
The CommunityShare device that LifeShare Technologies offers has many features and benefits.  In fact, there are some that are very beneficial to healthcare providers, yet they are underutilized by clients.  Learn below about the top three features of CommunityShare that should be used by healthcare providers. With the holistic approach taken to healthcare, here are ways CommunityShare can help address the mind, the body, and the soul.

Podcasts (Mind)

Picture a time before television. What did families do in the evenings for entertainment? Podcasts are a great way to relive memories of evenings by the fire listening to the radio. For those that are not familiar with what a podcast is, podcasts are a recorded radio show.  There is something for everyone from Science to News and Human Interest. Podcasts are a great activity for those who are visually impaired. Podcasts can be a standalone activity, but they are also great to use in a pinch. An activity get canceled? Residents gathered early for an activity? Pick a podcast offering that fits the length you need. Want to take a trip down memory lane, turn on the Sunday at the Memories podcast.

Games (Body)

Do you have resident(s) that need encouragement to interact socially with others?  Playing games on CommunityShare are great for these residents!  Not only do games provide a social platform, but they also provide therapeutic benefits from memory recall to sequencing and language. Residents can compete with other individuals’ scores by taking turns or work collaboratively in a group setting. Check out our LifeShare Games Guide for more information on how to play the games and their therapeutic benefits.

Faith (Soul)

Do you have residents who are typically non-verbal, but can recite prayers and sing hymns by heart? Faith programming can have healing effects on those with strong faith backgrounds.  The CoroHealth faith program allows a resident to listen to prayers, inspirations, passages from sacred texts, healing meditations, or further educate themselves within their faith. Residents don’t need to see small print text, the program is auditory and you can adjust the volume to resident’s comfort level.

At LifeShare we want to make sure you are getting the most out of our product. Each feature we provide is an intentional choice in our offering. If you have not used Games, Podcasts, or Faith to their full potential check them out today. Contact for ideas on how to incorporate these features in your community!