We made it! We’re approaching, in my opinion, the best time of the year– Christmas! From our LifeShare family to yours, we would like to provide 5 tips on using In-Room LifeShare during ‘The Holiday Season.’ Using these tips, you too can enjoy the ‘most wonderful time of the year!’

Meaningful Family Visits

We believe that the in-room LifeShare device has the ability to foster meaningful family visits within senior care facilities, especially during the Holidays. Seven years ago, my grandpa passed away after battling Alzheimer’s. During his battle, I think back to all the times I visited him while he was living in a senior care facility. I was a young teenager at this time and really struggled with accepting this reality. Visits usually consisted of trying to make conversation while dealing with grandpa’s symptoms. After starting my career with LifeShare, I began reflecting on how the LifeShare device could have directly impacted our family during the Holiday season. With the ability to play Christmas games, show Holiday family photos, and listen to Christmas music through the TV, my grandpa and I could have really bonded. The LifeShare device provides shared experiences that do not require targeted memories or conversation endurance.

Send Pictures & Messages

As our loved ones enter senior care, it tends to become difficult for them to attend all family holidays and celebrations. For a family, this is can be a tough reality to grasp. With this in mind, the in-room LifeShare allows us to take pictures of the kids, grandkids, pets, etc. and later show them off to our loved one in senior care. Families are able to send Holiday photos and messages to their loved one’s television and include them in the festivities they may not have been able to physically participate in.

Picture Slideshow w/ Christmas Music

The ability to listen to music while viewing a picture slideshow on the LifeShare device has been a very popular feature for seniors during the holidays. Within the music channel, there are a few different Christmas playlists to choose from depending on your personal preferences. After choosing a playlist, you can then go into the picture album and play the slideshow. As family members send pictures to the LifeShare device, the pictures will automatically show up in the slideshow! What a fun way to relish in holidays present and past.

The Christmas Story

As we approach Christmas, seniors may feel a draw to remember the reason for the Christmas season. Using the LifeShare faith channel, seniors can have the story of Jesus’ birth read to them. This can be a great way for families and seniors to connect through faith without having to attend church services.

Want even more ideas? Reach out to support@lifesharetech.com!