Published By: Caleb Donoho

For the duration of this summer, I’ve been the software engineering intern at Lifeshare Technologies. Starting the summer, I thought I was in way over my head. I had used barely any of the tools being used by the team here. On top of that, all the projects I had ever worked on had been minuscule in comparison to the size of Lifeshare’s codebase. It was admittedly a bit of a rough start. I found that performing a task the first time was arduous, but if I was assigned a similar task afterwards, I could usually finish quickly and without many issues. This is how I learned the skills I was lacking at the beginning of the summer bit by bit and it is the way I am still learning even now. For example, the feature I am working on now is something completely different than anything currently in our product, but I have a strong feeling that once I am done with it, I’ll be able to add similar content with ease.

The experience has been more than just learning how to code though. My commutes have been part of the experience. I’ve been listening to a book called “The Ultimate History of Videogames” in the car and have more books lined up to listen to once I finish it. The meals have been part of the experience, whether it is eating out with my coworkers, bringing a lunch from home, or making a lunch to bring, forgetting it, then having to go find something to eat. Even life at home has been part of the experience. I’ve been getting even more into rock climbing over the summer, spending more time with friends and family, and traveling all because I have a work schedule that can accommodate for all that.

One of the things I least expected was how invested I would grow to feel in the mission of the company. It all started out the day before the career fair at my school when I was looking at companies and what they did. I knew I wanted to visit one company, but of the other companies attending, Lifeshare caught my eye. That is where the interest started. It has grown since then. It is more than just a coding problem like at school. It is even more intriguing than the coding projects I did at school. It is a real product that is helping real people and that is cool.