If you follow any of the LifeShare social media accounts, you’re probably aware that we released some exciting news last week. Our incredible team has spent years building a new interface for our clients to work in when managing their LifeShare accounts. To be completely honest, I have no idea what all the technical developments, changes, updates, and enhancements have been made, but I do know our development team is stoked about this update because it provides a lot of great features for our clients (Here is a quick video which briefly highlights LifeShare 2.0.).

There are a few key features I am particularly excited about from a sales point of view, which I am confident prospects and existing clients are going to love. However, if you are looking for a more credible source for understanding what took place in this major overhaul, I would encourage you to read this article which features our VP of Development and explains the reasons behind the release.

Exciting new features from a sales point of view:

  • Our previous admin account was incredibly easy to use and navigate, however, it lacked aesthetics to the layout. It was straightforward, did the job, and easy to understand, however so is a rock used as a paperweight (there’s no confusion to it, you know it’s purpose, and it doesn’t have complications). LifeShare 2.0 is so darn beautiful, yet keeps the same simplicity as the previous system. While the flow and many functions are the same, it’s really enjoyable to work in. I guess you could say it’s a similar experience to riding in a Jeep. A Jeep is just a vehicle getting you from point A to point B, but if you take the doors off, the entire experience changes… Right? Or do I just love Jeeps so much that I’m forcing this comparison?
  • I remember when I started working for LifeShare 5 years ago, client after client would request the ability to see what their digital signage would look like, directly from their computer. Of course I always told the client that I would pass on their request, so each time that feature recommendation came in, I would do my due diligence to pass it on to development, and each time I would get the same response, “ughhh, why yes that would be a great feature to have, however, nobody realizes the amount of work and technical requirements to make that happen.” Well… In LifeShare 2.0 it happened! Users will now have the ability to preview the same slideshow their TV’s will display, directly from their computer! No more creating announcements and running to the TV to see how it looks. It’s all included in their new Preview Slideshow button. Unfortunately, I do feel a little guilty about this feature that I must confess. Because we were receiving so many of these request and it seemed impossible to build, I started to make a joke that, “If this feature is developed, I will make sure we name it after you.” It always made for a good laugh although now that its reality, I don’t think clients would enjoy seeing a blue button in their admin that says, ”Joe-Sally-Erika-Lisa-Frank-George-Ryan-Kate-Vanessa-Lori-Sherri-Melanie Slideshow Preview.” So to all those people reading this thinking “Hey! That was me!, just know your recommendation helped create a vital feature that will be leveraged by thousands of people across the country.

Disclaimer: The majority of LifeShare features are recommended by our clients, I just shouldn’t joke that we will name features after them, because more than likely those features will indeed be built at some point.

  • Upon signing-in and landing on your LifeShare home-page, users will now see the entire day-at-a-glance for their community. While this may take some getting used to for existing clients, I think this will completely change the way they navigate their account. So many aspects of our lives are ran by being in the moment, or knowing your schedule for the day (phone widgets and apps, calendars, etc.). The fact that a user can simply jump into LifeShare and quickly manage anything happening that day without having to jump between channels is a game changer. This feature alone will save staff at senior living communities hours of time each week because it’s so easily accessible and available to make changes.
  • Dynamic updates. When I first heard this, my initial reaction was “uh, cool. So how does that improve our clients lives?” To no surprise from our ridiculously talented development team, my impression was quickly changed once it was explained to me. Have you ever experienced the red notification on your gear icon on any Apple product? If you’re like me, you either let it sit there a few days until it drives you crazy and you eventually take the time update it, or you do it on the spot and your device is out of commission for several minutes. If you ever read the description to that update, there’s a long laundry list of items being updated. LifeShare’s dynamic update means we can push updates to our devices at any time and they will automatically download the new features. So if there is ever a bug that needs fixed, or a client had a great suggestion which our team whipped up real quick, we can immediately push that out to our clients. No red icon, no months of waiting for a new update, no nonsense. All that to say, it’s a pretty cool feature that not many people will know about.

Years of hard work has been poured into LifeShare 2.0, and I am so excited for our clients to begin experiencing the results. This certainly provides a long list of great new features as well as positions our company for major success moving forward.