Published By: Logan Schliessle

The holiday season is upon us and there are a lot of things about this time of year that make it special. There are the decorations, the gifts, and all the festivities. These things are great, but one of the single most important things about the holiday season is the opportunity to spend time with family and just appreciate the people that mean the most to you. I personally believe this, and I know the rest of the LifeShare team does as well. I can remember when I was young, I would go to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house in southern Indiana to visit for Christmas with my parents. Now that I am older, I still look fondly on those times and believe that the work our company is doing can apply to many families like my own as people get older and finding time to visit becomes harder, especially if loved ones reside in a health care facility. In-room LifeShare is a tool that makes it very easy to connect with those family members over fun games, nostalgic music, and thought-provoking podcasts to keep holiday traditions alive.

Music can be one of the most important aspects of a holiday get together, not just because of the mood it sets, but also because of the fun memories it brings up. When I was a kid we would go drive around and look at Christmas lights. Those times were fun, but one of the things I remember most about those drives was the Christmas music that played the entire trip. That is why In-room LifeShare features a holiday playlist in the music section. The music it plays, can put a smile on grandma’s face, or even start a conversation about the good old times. I recommend it to anyone who is going to visit their loved ones in a health care facility this holiday season, especially if they feel a certain nostalgia when hearing Christmas music, or just want to see a smile on the face of a loved one as they hear a cheerful tune. To access the holiday playlist, visit the music tab in In-Room LifeShare, select “Supportive,” go to “Energy,” then scroll down to the “Holiday” playlist.

Another thing that has always been important in bringing my family together at the holidays, is games. My family has always loved to use holiday get-togethers as an opportunity for game night. In-room LifeShare can also provide the same sort of fun, as it boasts a variety of games that can make for easy entertainment as your family bonds this holiday. If your family enjoys a little competition, you can play some Tic Tac Toe or Chess, or if you want to team up, you can put together teams to take turns guessing songs in Name That Croon. All three of these games can entertain one or many people as you visit with your loved ones this holiday. To find them, head to the games tab and scroll down until you find your game of choice.

Lastly, I’d like to propose podcasts as a great tool to create meaningful holiday conversation with loved ones. In-Room LifeShare has a few new podcasts this month, including two holiday-themed pieces, as well as, a lengthy NFL super bowl discussion. One of the holiday podcasts, by “The Christmas Past Podcast”, is entitled “Why do we say “Merry Christmas”?”. It talks about the history of our association of the word “merry” with Christmas. The second is “Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas” by the “Can’t Wait for Christmas” podcast. It is a fun podcast about everything including Christmas games, favorite holiday Cookies, toys to avoid this year, and the history of beloved Christmas specials. Both of these podcasts are sure to entertain and start Christmas conversations. If football is something that your family is passionate about and creates easy conversation, In-room LifeShare now has a lengthy episode of The Dan Patrick Show, where Dan discusses the possible contenders for the upcoming NFL Super Bowl. All three of these shows can be found in the podcasts section of In-Room LifeShare.

Happiest Holidays with your loved ones!