Published By: Callie Moore

This year is a big year for love for me. As I prepare to embark on the journey of marriage, I have taken time recently to notice the love that surrounds us every day. Call me mushy, but the littlest moments and acts of love have really been tripping me up lately and have me pretending to have something in my eye quite a lot. With all the pain and division in the news these days, it becomes ever so crucial to look for these moments and to celebrate them. When we don’t see these moments, we need to take it upon ourselves to be the one demonstrating acts of love.

With my job in LifeShare Client Experience, I have the unique opportunity to see different types of love. The love between family, friends, coworkers, and caregivers. While I don’t claim to be an expert, I have come up with some things that we could all use a reminder about when it comes to love. Hopefully, they will inspire you to show a little love today. And of course with Valentine’s Day just passed, it is tied to one of my favorite sweet treats, s’mores.


This is one of the trendy topics lately, but with the constant judgement provided by our ever connected lives, it is a reminder that we all need. Love yourself first. Take care of yourself. We are not productive and helpful to those we love if we don’t have the energy and confidence that comes with self-love.

Make memories together and revisit them.

Making memories does not have to be a grand gesture or a production. Memories happen in the little moments of working on a shared project or telling a story. Spending time together. Especially for loved ones, it is so beneficial to revisit those positive memories.

Open your heart.

Share your thoughts, opinions, fears, hopes, and dreams with those you love. It’s ok to put yourself out there and be vulnerable. Let others get to know you on a personal level. Sometimes it will surprise you where the support you needed comes from.

Reach out

Set aside time each day, week, or month to reach out to those you love. It can be a phone call, a text, an email, a meme, or a funny video. Just let them know they are thought of and valued.

Elevate those you love.

This is that age-old rule of treat others as you wish to be treated. Lift up those you love. Recognizing the best in others helps you realize the best in yourself.

Support those you love.

Sometimes our loved ones just need an ear. There is so much value in not listening to respond, but just plain listening. This simple act breeds empathy and understanding. This reminder also includes showing up for them. Whether it’s attending a milestone moment or doing a favor. Let the ones you know that they can count on you.

Just like s’mores, love can be messy, but it is totally worth it. Show little acts of love everywhere you go.