Published By: Nick Butcher

As we all know, marketing within senior living is no walk in the park. With communities popping up all around, how do you differentiate yourself? What makes you stand out from the brand new community down the road? Coming from a team that frequently visits senior living communities, here are our tips:

Be Authentic


Use your residents! There is no one who can show off your community better than your residents. As families make their way through the touring process, they want to know how their loved one will be treated and how happy they will be. This can be shown by using the residents that you currently care for.  No one will be more authentic than the current residents you serve. Happy residents will help make the sales process painless. Families are looking for someone who currently lives in your community that they relate to their loved one.


Be the expert you know you are without saying too much. There’s no one who knows your residents better than you. Being able to talk with prospects about how you will benefit them (in an easy-to-digest way) is the name of the game. Be authentic in how you communicate with them. No one appreciates authenticity more than the prospect. However, balance your knowledge with listening. Trends show that the aging population is looking for a more personalized approach to care. Ask questions and really listen to cater your community presentation to meet their needs.

Build your Brand:

Create a welcoming environment that makes everyone feel at home. Great products will sell themselves. By creating a positive presence that is known around the community, the sales process will be simplified. As we all should know, one of the best marketing practices is word-of-mouth. In terms of marketing, nothing spreads faster than word-of-mouth (good or bad!). As families begin to talk about how great of an experience their loved one is having at your community, you will begin to see success within.

Nowadays, the easiest way to build your brand is by utilizing social media. HeartLegacy, a recent LifeShare partner, has developed a tool that connects seniors and families through video. This great solution has been proven to generate leads, benefit seniors socially, involve families, and build referrals. These videos are certain to show off your awesome seniors that live in your community.

We would love to help your sales and marketing team work smarter to increase your community occupancy rate. LifeShare is a great tool to help you achieve this. For a free demo, please contact