Published By: Hayden Wood

Unfortunately, Dementia symptoms, Alzheimer’s being the most common disease, are very real and very scary. It is hard to combat. It is tough to watch a loved one go through. Every day is not like the last and that brings its own set of challenges. LifeShare recognizes the struggle that many families go through when dealing with different forms of Dementia and that is why we try our best to offer specific features to make things easier.

The picture slideshow feature on LifeShare has been very helpful for residents suffering from memory loss. The pictures from family and friends help by triggering memories and invoking discussion. To take it one step further, the option to add captions on pictures has been great. The captions have helped clarify who is in the picture, where, and when it was taken.

The music channel has helped many memory care residents in times of frustration, confusion, and sadness. Coro Health has done a great job creating specific playlists to calm the mind. With most memory care residents, when the sun begins to set, agitation tends to come. The sundowning playlist created by Coro has been a terrific addition to help ease the agitated mind.

The addition of the dementia clock. It’s simple but effective. The clock takes up the whole screen and has a lot less going on compared to a normal screen with the time, room, campus, etc. Keeping it simple is one of the most effective ways to help those suffering from memory care illnesses.

Games have been very helpful inside of memory care units. Puzzles have been proven to help keep the mind moving and the creation of multiple difficulty levels has helped with tailoring to the specific resident and where they are comfortable.

Podcasts bring multiple facets to the table. LifeShare offers many different types of podcasts and one of the most popular has been “Sunday at the Memories.” This particular podcast has been popular in the memory care units because they offer recordings from the ’60s and ’70s. The host talks about what’s going on during that time and plays popular music from the time. Some memory care residents may not remember what happened yesterday but when they hear things from the ’60s and ’70s they instantly light up and can recall what was happening during that time.

Memory Care diseases are hard on the person affected, as well as the caregivers. LifeShare understands this, and we are doing everything that we can to help create tools that allow continued meaningful visits for everyone affected by memory care diseases.