Published By: Todd Banvich


The median cost to stay in an assisted living community in the U.S. has a monthly cost of about $3,750 according to Andrew Lisa in the article, The Typical Cost of Senior Care in Every State. The monthly cost can be quite the financial burden for many residents and/or their families especially if they have not planned for the expense.  The most common reasons for entering an assisted living community are:

  • Safe living environment
  • Daily fitness and physical therapy
  • Opportunities for socialization
  • Healthy dining catered to medical conditions
  • Help with activities of daily living

Families measure whether the community is worth monetary value based on how their loved one’s needs and the reasons for entering the community are met. LifeShare partners with assisted living communities to help them better communicate all the amazing services and events they provide in their community.  Communities can address the five main reasons for entering an assisted living community by utilizing CommunityShare.

Safe Living Environment

Partners use announcements that display on their common area TVs to alert residents of certain situations, such as severe weather or construction.  This announcement is then displayed on the LifeShare Family Mobile App, so a family member, whether they be near or far, can see what announcements have been made at the campus.  Partners also use the LifeShare slideshow to display Managers on Duty and information about the local ombudsman.

Daily Fitness and Physical Therapy

Staff members utilize the CommunityShare to play therapeutic or activity music for residents while exercising.  LifeShare’s partnership with Coro Health provides access to music and faith programming to the users of LifeShare’s products.  Therapeutic music can provide a mental boost during a workout or therapy session. LifeShare games are not just fun, but they also provide therapeutic benefits ranging from memory recall to language and visual processing.

Opportunities for Socialization

CommunityShare not only displays information about activities offered in the community, but the on-demand channels can be used as social engagement tools.  Some life enrichment staff members even play games along with a group of residents. Two of our most popular games are Name That Croon and Guess What which aid in triggering old memories and conversations.

Healthy Dining Catered to Medical Conditions

Residents at senior living communities like to see upcoming meals.  This is helpful for residents with medical conditions, so they know how to plan accordingly for each meal. Meal menus with pictures also help to stimulate appetite.

Help with Activities of Daily Living

Therapeutic music provides additional benefits for memory care patients. Coro Health has completed multiple studies on “Sundowning” music that helps ease the minds of memory care patients since they tend to become agitated as the sun sets.