My wife and I welcomed our first baby into the world this past April, Miss Harper Jeanne. It has been the greatest and most rewarding season of my life, however, it doesn’t come without some challenges, as I’m sure every parent reading this understands. We went from going through life, just the two of us, to all of a sudden having another human relying on us for survival. A common thought we’ve had is that “there are no time-outs in parenthood.”

Whether I am with Harper or not, there are constant thoughts flooding my mind…

  • Are her parents giving her the love and care she deserves?
  • Am I setting my personal desires aside to ensure the best life for her?
  • Are our vehicles safe for transportation?
  • Am I dreaming of a crying baby at 2 am, or is that actually happening?
  • Is her babysitter ignoring her?
  • Is she close enough to frying bacon to get burnt by the grease?
  • Will the dogs tail injure her if it whacks her in the face?

I am blessed to have the best wife and life-partner on the planet, which many of my concerns are already taken care of, but even so, there is a lingering pressure that another life depends on yours.

While working at LifeShare, I have received a front-row seat to watch our senior care providers selflessly care for residents at senior living communities. From activity directors to administrators, from housekeeping to – you name it! Any person associated with a senior community is dedicating his or her life to their job because other humans are relying on them.

I admire these professionals and can see that they are doing more than just collecting a paycheck. They are sacrificing sleep, personal time, and sometimes even peace of mind. I am sure many of them have had the same thought as me: “there are no time-outs while working in the senior living industry.”

If you are a senior care professional, thank you! I see and understand the role you are playing, now more than ever.