Our Story

"We were looking for an avenue that would allow us to stay connected to our family members in Senior Living."

In 2011, our founders sat down with administrators at a senior living community. They had an idea – one that would enable better communication between residents and their families. This mission was undertaken because they had loved ones dealing with transitions to senior living communities, resulting in disconnect from family. At first, they thought computers and tablets would provide a successful means of connecting, but this technology only created a greater challenge than the problem at hand. During this conversation, administrators also expressed a challenge in keeping residents up-to-date on activities, and events.


From this discussion, LifeShare was born. LifeShare was created to help senior care providers facilitate improved connections between residents, staff, and families using existing technology  the TV. From that initial vision, a tech ecosystem emerged, serving residents, families, and senior living staff with simple tech solution for real challenges. LifeShare’s tech ecosystem includes a solution that features a set top box and universal remote control that pairs with the TV. This eliminates the battle of using multiple remotes. With LifeShare, users can receive and send pictures/messages to loved ones. They can even enjoy games, news, therapeutic music, and even faith programming for much less than the price of a cup of coffee. LifeShare allows users to see current and upcoming events in their community, and reminds them of key appointments or activities via phone and/or TV notifications.

CommunityShare and Family Mobile App

After LifeShare, came CommunityShare and the Family Mobile App. When administrators realized how beneficial LifeShare was in residents’ rooms, they came to us with another idea – digital signage on common area TVs such as lobbies, activity rooms, and hallways. With this, visitors and residents are able to stay informed through a running slideshow on the TV. This slideshow displays daily menus, activities, announcements, pictures, and more. Activity resources through CommunityShare like games, music, and faith programming also allowed resident group engagement. The LifeShare Family Mobile app goes hand-in-hand with CommunityShare. The same information that can be seen on CommunityShare can also be seen on our mobile app. Families enjoy how this allows them to easily see what Grandma is doing along with what is going on in the community.

LifeShare Connection Graphic

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