Published By: Brad Rusche

The month of August has been exciting at LifeShare Technologies. We volunteered at Gleaners Food Bank of Indianapolis, cheered on the Indianapolis Indians at a ball game, and sampled local restaurants and bakeries. Although the activities have been great, nothing has been more exciting than growing our customer support team with the addition of three fresh faces. Hayden, Lauren, and Todd are more than two weeks into their time at LifeShare and have already made a positive impact on our customers and the rest of our co-workers!

Admittedly, I don’t do well with change. I was hesitant to start the process of bringing on new team members knowing it would certainly change the way things are done and how we spend our time. Luckily, smarter people than myself decided it was time to expand our team and they were 100% right. The list of things I have learned continues to grow each day, but the most important lesson has been that the best ideas and thoughts are a result of a group of people who bring different backgrounds and experiences to the table.

Each person’s thought process is completely different. I have enjoyed the exercise of presenting potential support issues and talking with the newbies about how they would go about resolving the issue. Lauren brings a background in education, her thought process is completely different than Hayden, who has worked part-time for us in the past and spent a significant amount of time in the country of Poland. Todd, being fresh out of college, has a problem-solving method that is uniquely his own. It has been interesting and exciting to watch this group come together and problem solve as a team. In two weeks, I have gleaned applications and processes from all three of them that are making me a better representative of our company to our customers.

Since day one of the company, we have worked hard to deliver superior customer service, and I am proud to say it’s only going to get better. Our team is diverse when it comes to life experiences, career backgrounds, education, and personal lives. This creates a unique and personalized experience for our customers that we will continue to build upon. While training new team members in the LifeShare way, it allows us all to review the WHY to what we do every day. Above all else, we are proud to welcome our new team members to LifeShare Technologies! We trust that they will carry on the LifeShare experience with our clients, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact they have on our company.