Published By: Callie Moore

Throughout the past year, Senior Housing Forum has published many articles on ‘sales tactics’ including marketing strategies and keeping quality sales people, at senior living communities. LifeShare aims to be a one-stop shop that helps enrich the senior living environment from digital signage to resident communication and on-demand programming. However, what many communities are not leveraging is the ability to market their community through CommunityShare. Did you know that your CommunityShare can be utilized as a tool for your Sales Team to attract prospective residents and families?


The CommunityShare Slideshow is one of the first impressions families and new residents have of your community. Don’t be afraid to personalize your slideshow in order to best represent the community. Showcase events, pictures, and announcements. Make sure to include information about social media and your Community Access PIN for the LifeShare Family Mobile App. You can also supplement content with therapeutic music and ads relevant to those in your community.

Activity Participation Tracking 

Families are seeking peace of mind that their loved one is engaged and thriving in their new community. Activity Participation Tracking allows families and staff to see how residents are adjusting and provide encouragement and interventions when needed. This feature is available in the LifeShare Admin console. Easily track participation from a mobile device on the go. Create and share reports with both family and staff. Families can see daily activity participation as you track it with a Family Manager Login on the FREE LifeShare Family Mobile App.

On-Demand Features

Utilize the Videos and Pictures channel when you exit the slideshow. Showcase videos about the food/menu, the community, and fun events. Include pictures of the community, events, and outings where residents are engaged and enjoying themselves.

Demo Room

Have in-room LifeShare in your community? Set-up an in-room LifeShare in the Demo Room. Have the music and picture slideshow playing. You can even load pictures of resident activities and room layouts. This will allow prospects to view the features that are available in their room.

Family Mobile App

Download the FREE LifeShare Family Mobile App on your phone from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. Log in with your Community’s Access PIN. Show families how they can keep up-to-date with Events, Activities, Menus, and Announcements in the Community with the Family Mobile App.

LifeShare Skill for Alexa
Did you know you can provide on-demand community information through an Echo Dot with the LifeShare Skill for Alexa? The Echos can be placed in common areas or resident rooms. The skill allows residents with vision or mobility issues to access community activities, menus, and birthdays along with the other native Alexa skills such as music and games.

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