Published By: Alex Crowley

With the many features and opportunities for content creation that we offer, sometimes it becomes difficult to see how to apply the features to change and expedite the current way of doing tasks. Change is difficult for some until they truly realize the benefits and increased effectiveness. This series of blogs will focus on how LifeShare provides time-saving opportunities for the staff and enhancements to the lives of seniors and their loved ones. We hope to further inspire you to take full advantage of our LifeShare platform, beginning with our activities and dining menus.

One of the most time-consuming activities for the staff is keeping residents and their families informed on day-to-day events. The two categories of important information are dining menus and activity schedules. The first obstacle in informing everyone is compiling all the content in one accessible place.

How many people have attempted to put all the activities into a calendar software, but found the calendar formatting not desirable and all the options overwhelming? Assuming you get everything entered in a calendar software, who has found that publishing with the ideal format requires a specific word processor that anyone who wants to view the calendar has to download? How frustrating is it when a calendar event changes or one gets added? Some of you may be all too familiar with this painful process. But for some of you, printing isn’t a feasible format and you have been relying on the use of whiteboards and chalkboards throughout the campus. Keeping these boards-up-date gets very repetitive and tedious. Not to mention they are hard to keep clean and hard to read in certain lighting.

Never fear, help is here! LifeShare has a workflow to streamline this calendar content creation. Content is first input into one easy-to-use web-based application that simplifies the process. The LifeShare staff provides support in importing recurring dining menus to make the transition easier. Content input into the web-based application, including the dining menu and the day’s activities, will automatically display on TVs outfitted with the CommunityShare devices. The digital signage eliminates the need for makeshift solutions because CommunityShare hardware works with any TV, but the icing on top is that the LifeShare Family Mobile App pulls information to display from the same web-based information that can be accessed on Android™ or Apple® Smart Phones.

The activity calendar capabilities with LifeShare provide even more to get excited about! The LifeShare staff can assist you with branding and the formatting your calendars. Once you have entered all of your calendar content, you have the ability to print PDFs of the daily, weekly, or monthly calendars. Our daily calendars are useful for putting in locations such as elevators, the front desk, and dining tables to display the day’s menu, events, and birthdays. Have residents with vision problems? Print the weekly calendar, rather than the monthly calendar, for those residents so that they can read the bigger font.

Typically the daily and weekly calendars are distributed locally in a printed format, but did you know that you can share the monthly calendar in email format using the live link provided when you publish your monthly calendar? Instead of sending the calendar as an attachment, just copy the link from LifeShare Admin and paste it in your electronic newsletters for others to access. Anytime you republish the calendar, it will automatically update the live link with the latest information!

The next blog will focus on the benefits of activity notifications and calendars for Family Managers. What are some of the ways that you utilize published calendars in your community? We’d love to hear from you! Share ideas with @lifesharetech on Twitter and Facebook!