Published By Alex Crowley

Last week we helped you get the most out of LifeShare’s calendaring features, but this week we will help you utilize our reminder notifications system and Family Mobile App. Reminder notifications are beneficial to everyone and can assist both Community Staff and Family Managers in scheduling.


Reminder Notifications

To cater to different communication preferences, reminder notifications allow Community Staff to schedule either a call, text or popup on in-room LifeShare.  Our reminder notifications have proven to increase attendance for events significantly. As we all know, it isn’t uncommon for residents to be fully aware of an activity in the morning, but be completely oblivious to it when it comes time to attend.  A reminder notification gives them that extra nudge and triggers them to get ready, speeding up the time to getting all the residents to the event. Staff can have time to prepare activities and greet residents instead of going door-to-door gathering interested residents.

One of the success stories we’ve had was with Bethany Village, who was experiencing low attendance numbers due to people forgetting they signed up or mixing up the event times.  LifeShare Support recommended that they utilize our notification system and the feedback speaks for itself:

“Since implementing the notification system, we have had an increase in participation and very rarely have residents that do not show for events. The residents love the reminders too and look forward to getting the calls.  We are very pleased with this feature!”

Family Mobile App

Another way to get residents more involved in activities is to make sure family has access to the calendar. Many residents have primary caregivers who are points of contact for the staff. At LifeShare, we refer to them as Family Managers. With the help of the new Family Manager Web and Mobile Apps, they are able to help manage the content that their loved one consumes on the in-room LifeShare. Family Managers can use the Web and Mobile Apps to quickly upload picture albums, create an address book, and customize the loved one’s experience on LifeShare.

Family Managers

The Family Managers can easily access the life of their loved one by seeing menus and activities for that day, days in the past, or days in the future.  The LifeShare Family Mobile App creates a connection especially for those who don’t live near the community. It gives them the peace of mind and reassurance that the resident is being well taken care of.  Family Managers hold a tool in the palm of their hand that provides good talking points for conversations and reflections on their loved one’s day.  Family Managers can encourage residents to go to events of interest to improve their social lives.

As a primary caregiver, the Family Manager usually has their own collection of activities and appointments. The Family Manager can use the Family Web and Mobile Apps to schedule appointments so that both he/she and the loved one don’t forget about the activity.  Similar to community activities, appointments have reminder notifications that can be set so that resident can start getting ready to speed up the process of heading to the appointment. Talk to a primary caregiver today about becoming a Family Manager!

We’re interested in how reminder notifications have impacted your campus and would LOVE to hear success stories and feedback! Tag us on Facebook and Twitter @lifesharetech