Published by: Chip Muston

Our support team recently received a message from a customer service advisor of a consumer electronics distributor. He was contacting us on behalf of his 101-year-young grandmother, Nellie, who lives in an assisted living community that provides LifeShare in the residents’ rooms.

Bryan’s Grandmother Nellie

Nellie knew she had something special in her room when she first saw the LifeShare device but she wasn’t sure what it was. She’d heard rumors in the dining room that she and her friends were getting some sort of new technology. Some people said they were motion detectors for the staff. As Bryan said, “Seniors, they say the darndest things.”

Bryan and his grandmother soon began to see firsthand how LifeShare transforms the TV into a communication portal for seniors. Both he and Grandmother were excited at the prospect of her new tech gadget. “She thought it was hip,” he said. Bryan then embraced the advice she’s given the family and channeled it into a new shared experience. “She always impressed upon the entire family, ‘to learn something new; experience and interact with new things. Learn your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses.’  So in that moment, I followed her wise words, emailed her a short message complete with photo attachment, and told her she was going to learn how to read her very first email.”

LifeShare has not only become a special vehicle for Nellie to stay in touch with other family members but has become a special common bond they share together. “Seeing her enthusiasm when I tell her she has 8 new emails is priceless. Witnessing her happiness while pictures of great-grandchildren scroll on screen is an angelic experience.”

After nearly two months of using the system, Bryan’s verdict is that the system is “simple, intuitive, and reliable,” and when asked if he has suggestions for other families with LifeShare, he offers up the following: “Embrace it and awaken memories of past and present. Share those stories from the last century or pictures of last weekend. It only takes an email to give your loved one the gift of your time. Your time is what they truly treasure.”

We are gratified to serve families like Nellie and Bryan’s. And also for the inspirational moments they share.