Published By: John Moore

All the ballyhoo and hype about the upcoming Solar Eclipse remind me of things celestial, and those thoughts eventually jogged my memories of the old television series, Star Trek. Star Trek was the ultimate “travel log,” written as the Enterprise and its crew hop-scotched across the galaxy “to boldly go where no man has gone before,” exploring new worlds and meeting new civilizations.

The definition of travel has morphed in recent decades with the advance of technology in our everyday lives. We can think of travel in the physical sense and how that form of travel gives us a perspective on who we are and we fit into the world at large by seeing other places, meeting people of other cultures, and tasting other foods. Some travel gives us a sense of confidence, having conquered physical challenges like mountain biking, whitewater rafting, or racing across O’Hare Airport trying to make a connecting flight with a 20-minute layover window. There is no substitute for these experiences but these opportunities are not available for everyone.

We all have the opportunity to travel anywhere, virtually. With this type of travel, time and space need not be barriers. Opportunities abound to expand our world, broaden our horizon, and visit meaningful moments in our past…

Things Remembered

Thanks to the online garage sale sites like eBay and Craig’s List, your transportation to your youth is but a mouse click away. I recently picked up a lightly used version of “All-Star Baseball,” a game that immediately took me back to my age 10 self in suburban Chicago. The tech of this game was so low but the enjoyment level was so high as I managed the “lineup” of MLB all stars against my friends or older brother.

Social Media

Thanks to Facebook I recently connected with teammates from the high school club soccer team I played on, the 1977-1978 Lakeland Celtics. It will be 40 years next May since we last stepped on the field together but to me, it felt like yesterday that we were playing together and for each other in a game we all loved. Seeing pictures of our 16-17-year-old selves and reminiscing about our time as teammates was priceless and we were all able to meet up without physically traveling anywhere.

Internet Content

I was working recently on the new LifeShare Podcast feature and it really brought home to me the ability of web-based content to allow people to travel in the here and now but also to their past. “Sunday at the Memories” with Ray Durkee brings music, celebrities, and popular cultural icons together to help you travel down Memory Lane. The BBC News feed brings the world to your doorstep with current events and compelling human interest articles.

So whether you prefer traveling by starship, plane, car, canoe, or traveling from the comfort of your armchair, get out there and explore!