Published By: Nick Butcher

In the world we live in today, it has become clear that time is scarce with so many things we can be working on at one time. This is especially true for senior living staff members. From tending to resident needs to helping around the community, we know senior living staff members are always busy. Here is my advice to you.

Stop manually creating your activity calendars.

We understand how important calendar creation is for all parties within senior living: residents, families, and staff. From our experience speaking with activity professionals, we were surprised to find so many individuals who are used to manually creating calendars on programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher. STOP THIS! This process wastes hours and hours of time that should be spent enriching the lives of your residents.

In a recent Senior Housing Forum article, Edencrest at Sienna Hills mentioned how they achieved an 80% reduction in time spent scheduling and creating calendars. Paige Robertson, Life Enrichment Coordinator, specifically noted that “we can make last minute changes and they show up everywhere. We don’t have to re-print over and over again.”

The LifeShare system has shown to revolutionize the way senior living communities create and edit captivating calendars. With LifeShare, activities are entered in one spot and naturally shown up everywhere throughout the campus. This includes on your TVs, the mobile app, and on the activity calendar. In my opinion, the auto-generated calendar is one of the greatest tools LifeShare has to offer. Click here for an example of a LifeShare auto-generated calendar.

If you are interested in learning more about how LifeShare can help you save time on calendar creation, please contact us for more information. To schedule a free demo, please contact