Published By: Cindy Vondenkamp

Is your senior living community afraid to try new technologies for fear of total disruptive mayhem? Worried that your IT department will become unhinged?  Scared you’ll waste precious time, dollars, brain cells, and patience?

If you’ve ever had those thoughts fear no more!  LifeShare Technologies has helped hundreds of communities all over the country through its feature-rich affordable technology that is simple to implement and easy to use. LifeShare connects and engages residents, staff, and family members.

One LifeShare device plugged into any TV provides visual messaging, photos, menus, calendars, important announcements, automated messaging, a free mobile app for families and marketing tools too.  Plus, over 2000 hours of activity resources, faith programming, podcasts, games, therapeutic music and more. One device allows access to LifeShare’s tech ecosystem that can escalate engagement in your community.

Read About  Becky’s LifeShare experience at Welcov Assisted Living:

Becky Wolf Executive Directo

Q: Why did you choose LifeShare?

A: I had tried other systems and was skeptical because they cost 3 times as much, were not user-friendly and any changes took time.  LifeShare conducted a personal online demonstration of the system and then let us try it for a free trial period on our own. They have the “customer service” thing down – they called us several times to see how it was going – to see what we would like to see enhanced & just to see if they could answer any questions.  The price point was excellent and I was impressed after I tried it.

Q: Is there anything that surprised you about the system? 

A: I was surprised that it was so user-friendly. I am in no way a techy person and I am able to do All of this!

Q: How long did it take to implement LifeShare? 

A: They mailed the unit and I hooked it up to the internet! No special hookups or TVs. I trained a couple people in very short order and we were up and running!

Q: Looking back, is there anything you wish you had done differently when you implemented? 

A: There is so little prep, I don’t think there is much you could change.

Q: How responsive is LifeShare to issues? 

A: They WANT to know what we want and what will improve their product. You can call and get a person on the line or email and get a quick response. I am impressed.

Q: What training was provided/is available? 

A: I had the initial one-to-one demonstration, then my personal training with an instructor online and I was ready to go. They offered another training and I think we had one specific area, but I felt comfortable and was already using it. I did have some follow up calls just checking to see if I had questions and I think I called them once and got a live-person and an answer right away.

Q: Would you select this vendor/system again? 

A: Absolutely!

Q: Have there ever been any notable system outages or problems? 

A: No

Check out our Solutions at  and begin your FREE Pilot today!  Now is the time to see how easily LifeShare can benefit your Community too!