Published by: Chip Muston

I recently felt like Goldilocks from The Three Bears.
By McLoughlin ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The original windows on our house were on their last leg. After several years of DIY “routine” maintenance like caulking, painting, replacing and refilling rotted-wood, contorting while cleaning sashes with broken springs and tolerating foggy views out of a couple of them, it seemed appropriate for us to replace them.

Then the odyssey began. I got recommendations from friends and neighbors, researched reviews with the BBB and Angie’s List, and picked out three reputable companies that looked like they’d fit the bill. All three visited our home, did measurements, and gave us preliminary thoughts on what they thought we’d need. When my wife and I began the process, we had not planned for all the considerations involved. What material would we like our replacements to be made out of? What style? How durable are they? And of course, what is the cost? We also wanted to consider aesthetics like colors. And warranty. We wanted to get it just right.

I began researching the preliminary product recommendations on the Internet. As grateful as I am for the web, it can be a vortex of information, good and bad. Perhaps this is why my doctor admonishes us to avoid it for diagnosing ailments. Wendy and I quickly began suffering from the tyranny of choice. One helpful site I found that did bring comfort was an archived home improvement post on Reddit where the contributor admonished visitors who were shopping for windows to pick three companies, evaluate the options, pick one, and move on. Once resolved to follow this advice and follow our process, we were happy.

Selecting Senior Living Technology

At LifeShare, we continually explore how we can best frame what we do in a way that will resonate most with the potential partners and clients we meet. LifeShare partners with senior care providers to craft technology to improve engagement for residents of senior living communities, individuals aging in place, and those who love, support and care for them.

Yet the question remains, what services will be most compelling to our clients? The ability for seniors to easily communicate with family and loved ones? Community Digital Signage? Therapeutic Music? Activities Resources? Mobile Apps? Calendars? In Room Notifications? The fact that our system will work with an existing television? What else?

The decision to partner with any technology solution in senior living has more deep implications than picking out windows for a house. A good decision can be transformational, while a poor one can be costly and disruptive. What’s the answer?

Our design focus is on simplicity, yet seeing is believing. Because we do not have large up-front costs, it’s especially important that our clients envision how we will work together with them for the long haul. This is why we allow providers to try our services free of charge when evaluating their options.

If I could have found a window company that would have allowed us to try windows for free before we bought, last month would have been a lot less stressful. Fortunately, at LifeShare, we are determined to make sure our clients are confident our solutions are just right before they select them.