“I set out to find the best upgrade product to give us the most bang for our buck. I had to find a solution that could quickly solve multiple problems throughout the continuum. This being my twenty-second year in the industry, I was familiar with existing companies and products, but I also knew technology has been advancing at lightning speed and there had to be something that would fit our needs.  Thus, I found LifeShare Technologies. The CommunityShare platform was exactly what we needed. We had a chance to trial a box and it was as simple as they promised. Plug and play and we were up and running. No multi-days of training needed, our staff picked up very quickly. The community went from nearly zero technology to a robust and professional looking system of displays and applications within a week.” 

— Chris Romick, Executive Director at Grace Ridge Retirement Community

As Chris and many of our clients have stated, CommunityShare is a powerful tool that instantly makes an impact. CommunityShare creates efficiency, promotes engagement, and keeps everyone connected. Let’s take a look at how:

Digital Signage – The CommunityShare device is one that easily connects to any television. Once powered on, it turns common area televisions into robust digital signage platforms that display menus, activities, announcements, birthdays, pictures, videos, and so much more. It creates a sense of professionalism as well as catches the attention of visitors within the community.

Calendaring – Long gone are the days of manually creating activity calendars. This process is tedious and time-consuming. With CommunityShare, our clients gain a powerful platform that automatically generates a ‘live’ calendar after activities are entered each month. This calendar can be printed off for residents, sent to family members, or posted on the website for marketing purposes.

Resident Notifications – CommunityShare also offers a solution to notifying residents of activities and events while they are in their rooms. For each activity that is entered into the LifeShare system, staff members have the choice of notifying individual residents via text message or phone call. This eliminates the need for staff members to go door-to-door reminding residents of an activity that begins in 15 minutes.

Family Mobile App – Amongst other features, a mobile app is provided free of charge to the entire community. Families are able to check on grandma or grandpa to see what they had for lunch, what activities are happening, or other important announcements. Residents and staff members can also utilize this tool if they have smartphones and want to stay up-to-date.

Activity Resources – Not only is CommunityShare a digital signage solution, but it also offers a variety of activity resources. There are games, music, podcasts, faith programming, news articles, pictures, videos, and more. Activity Directors around the country utilize these resources to plan engaging activities.

Upon joining the LifeShare family, the immediate impact experienced is unheard of. Residents become more engaged. Families are always in-the-know. Staff members are able to communicate more effectively. Communities are forever changed. CommunityShare is truly a differentiator that will help activity directors become more efficient, residents and families become more connected, and sales and marketing folks increase occupancy. 

We would love to help your team strive to better connect your residents to their families. LifeShare is a great tool to help you achieve this. For a free demo, please contact info@lifesharetech.com.