Published By: Todd Banvich

Budgeting time, money, or even both is something that many people or in this case, senior living communities struggle with. Staff at senior living communities realize there is a lot of time and money involved in order to support day-to-day operations of the community.  I’ve visited several senior living communities and have even witnessed this myself.  While I don’t see the money aspect because each community varies greatly, I do hear expressions regarding “how much” or “how little” money that a community may have to spend. 

Something that catches my eye is that many communities still create their activity calendars by hand, or they post announcements on a bulletin board.  They spend countless amounts of time creating calendars or announcements by hand and use lots of paper or sticky notes in the meantime.  When a change is made, those calendars or announcements created by hand, have to be re-done.  How annoying?!  It’s far too much time for staff members to be creating and re-creating these sorts of things by hand.  Not to mention the overhead cost associated with an employee spending time on these sorts of things.  If you’re still creating calendars and announcements by hand, STOP!  Enough is enough!  Check out this article by Senior Housing Forum that explains how LifeShare not only increases family engagement, but also frees up the time of community staff members to focus more on the residents and less on calendar creation.  


LifeShare has a fantastic solution that will help save your community time and money.  Yes, we have [custom] calendars and many announcement templates included with our service, but we also have a digital signage solution.  And no, there is no need to purchase expensive equipment.  Our digital signage solution also comes with over 2,000+ hours of on-demand activity resources.  There is even a mobile app to further engage residents, their family members, and community staff.  LifeShare prides itself on our excellent customer service, our ability to work with our partners’ needs, our user-friendly system, and our cost-effective solution.  With our cost-effective and time saving solution, your community can budget more time and have more money to allocate for other necessities.  After all, it’s about prioritizing residents first, right?