Published By: Cindy Vondenkamp
Yes, we all know the more tech-savvy baby boomers are coming to senior housing. Some have arrived already. But how tech savvy is today’s 80+ senior in general?

Some seniors are using technology to thrive and enhance their quality of life, yet many are not. How can we include those hesitant seniors in the tech age without incurring huge labor and equipment costs? How can we assist seniors in reaping the benefits of consistent social engagement?

The majority of adults under age 65 have some type of smart technology, tablet, computer or phone.  They are sending messages like “I love you”, “miss you”, “check this out”, “did you know”, “on my way”, “remember to”, “here’s a picture of, video of me/us/them doing, etc.” They are connecting, informing and sharing.

However, the current average age in Assisted Living is 86.9 years old.  Pew Research tells us about 56% of 80+ yrs. old are not on the internet, 83% do not have smartphones.

Social isolation is harmful to the health of all ages, especially seniors. With busy families spread apart, the loneliness epidemic for our seniors is staggering and saddening. Senior isolation is as detrimental to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, increases mortality by 26% and risk of dementia by 64%. *

LifeShare Technologies’ in-room personalized experience includes all of our seniors! Our easy to use platform allows LifeShare users access to smart technology features without grappling with the technology behind those devices. They enjoy social engagement, stimulating activities and connectedness with a tool they already know how to use-the Television!

And yes, there is a mobile app too!  Families, staff, and more tech-savvy seniors can have immediate access to current community calendars, announcements, download a photo and even receive reminders to attend an event.

Families can support their loved ones through technology adaption and eliminate some of the challenges of distance caregiving. Send messages from your phone and computer, schedule appts with automated call reminders, share photos and videos that display on Mom or Dad’s TV screen. Be updated on their day to day activities. Staff and families can enjoy games together, therapeutic music, watch photo slideshows, listen to faith programming, podcasts and so much more!  See one family’s LifeShare experience.

There are a lot of cool platforms that will certainly play an ever-increasing important and sometimes lifesaving role for seniors as tech adaptation increases. I believe today’s seniors like technology, especially when they can be successful at using it. LifeShare brings an affordable, fun, easy to navigate tool connecting families with their loved ones and staff to residents.

Yes, there are tools for staff too! CommunityShare for campus common areas is a powerful tool for leveraging staff communication and engagement. Visual messaging displays pictures, activity calendars, menus, on-demand activities and more.  We save staff time, increase attendance in activities, reduce staff burnout with easy to use tools while enhancing comprehensive community-wide communication. Educate, entertain and engage with a tool that works on any TV!  

LifeShare serves seniors, families, and communities all over the country. We’re eager to be of service to you too!  Learn more about our services and products: CommunityShare,  In-room LifeShare, and the Family Mobile App!  Call LifeShare Technologies today: 317-825-0320

*Campaign to End Loneliness-Threat to Health,