Published By: Callie Moore

Traveling to see the world in retirement is not a reality for some seniors. Fortunately, technological advancements have made our great big world seem a little smaller. LifeShare’s CommunityShare product can assist communities in taking residents on a virtual trip around the world. Whether you are wanting to cruise the Mediterranean or fly over the Sahara, our LifeShare team wants to share how our products can aid and even make the experience a “reality.”

In Your SlideShow:

Custom Slide Background

Contact LifeShare Support to help you create a background theme for Announcements, Menus, or Birthdays that depicts your destination. When created and enabled it will show with the other backgrounds when you create a new Announcement, Menu, or Birthday.


Add additional weather locations in your CommunityShare Admin. Make sure you have minimized the sidebar (down arrow button on LifeShare remote) so you can see both local and destination weather. For example, you can add the Super Bowl location of Minneapolis (55415).


Host fun activities that add to your “destination environment.” Advertise activities such as ethnic cooking classes or visits to specialty restaurants on your CommunityShare.


Use the Announcement feature on CommunityShare to learn the native language of your destination. Feature a word of the day to help residents learn a new language. Also, highlight international holidays like Cinco de Mayo.

CommunityShare On-Demand (When you exit the slideshow):

Videos Channel

Upload YouTube Videos from National Geographic and BBC My City Travel Videos of your destination. There are some really awesome tours and informational videos of places all around the world!

Guess What Game

Play the existing categories: Flags of the World, Great American Roadtrip, Landmarks, or Major Cities. Want to create your own Guess What Game? Have families submit loved one’s favorite travel photo. Upload them into your Scrapbook on LifeShare Admin. Check the box for the album to be “Playable on Guess What.” Enter the location as the Picture Caption. Play the game and have residents guess the location. Or you can upload pictures of famous landmarks in your destination. Have residents guess the landmark. Learn more about this game here.

Therapeutic Music

Check out music content. Take advantage of Classic, Latin, and Urban music that may fit with your destination. Have a suggestion for additional playlist genres, let us know! We will pass suggestions onto our partner, CoroHealth.

We hope you enjoy your virtual trip around the world with your CommunityShare! We would love to help you take a trip using your CommunityShare!

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