Published by: Callie Moore

Name: Barbara
Age: 51
Community and Position: Meadow Brook Senior Living, Senior Director of Fun (Spectrum)
LifeShare User Since: October 2015
LifeShare Remote or Keyboard: Keyboard
Favorite Features on LifeShare: Ease of adding information! Accessible from work or home, changes made are immediate. I also like the variety of games and music.
Favorite Picture Currently in your CommunityShare Slideshow: Our Veterans Photos, ALL OF THEM!

Favorite LifeShare Games: Name that Croon!!!
Favorite Coro Health Music Genre: Christmas/Holiday
Favorite Update on LifeShare: I like the additional slide backgrounds; I’d love to see even more variety. I also love that we can add videos.
Wish for LifeShare: Add more games with Dementia in mind. Also, we have many requests for a crossword puzzle game.
Why LifeShare: So easy and flexible, it makes engaging our residents very easy!!