Published by: Callie Moore

Name: Elmer
Age: 89
Location: Ridgewood Health Campus in Lawrenceburg, IN
LifeShare User Since: 2013 (3.5 years)
LifeShare Remote or Keyboard: Remote
Favorite Features on LifeShare: I enjoy the messages.
Favorite Picture Currently in Your Picture Slideshow: My favorite pictures are those of wild animals and hunting.
Favorite LifeShare Games: I don’t play games.
Favorite Coro Health Music Genre: I like the country western, so Classic Country.
Favorite Update on LifeShare: The latest version is much more efficient and makes it easier to send messages.
Wish for LifeShare: I would like to be able to type email addresses in the messages that are not in my address book.
Why LifeShare: LifeShare is entertainment and helps fill up my day!