Published by: Erika Osborne

Name: Erika
Age: 30 (YIKES!)
Community and Position: Cumberland Pointe Health Campus, Life Enrichment Director
LifeShare User Since: 2012? The campus I was in was a test campus for LifeShare! It was love at first sight!!
LifeShare Remote or Keyboard: Remote- I’m old school lol
Favorite Features on LifeShare: Pictures/ Games
Favorite Picture Currently in your CommunityShare Slideshow: Veteran’s Day Quilt of Valor presentation- 5 of our residents with their quilts around them.

Favorite LifeShare Games: Wordsearch and Sudoku
Favorite Coro Health Music Genre: 30-minute exercise
Favorite Update on LifeShare: I LOVE the new interface
Wish for LifeShare: To continue to grow and bring engagement to residents ☺
Why LifeShare: I love the idea of families getting to connect with their loved ones from all over the world.