I was a bit saddened to hear an executive director of an assisted living community tell me that visual messaging would not work in his community.  His residents just wouldn’t want it.  They used a white board to inform his 70 plus residents, families and prospects of daily events along with a monthly printed calendar.  I do not know his residents like he does, respected his comments and thanked him in parting for the work he does in looking out for our seniors. 

While people do prefer various ways to receive information, statistics show the power of visual imaging to communicate information.  In fact, our brains are actually built for visual information: 

What would you remember more, Baby Emma above showing on a TV screen or these words on the printed page below? 

While many state regulations still require written schedules, LifeShare can push last-minute changes to your community-based information on TV screens and mobile devices by instantly updating through the one-stop shop admin ecosystem to keep residents and families up-to-date.  Families are more connected to the day-to-day happenings of your community and to their loved one thru the free LifeShare Mobile App. 

Consistent visual exposure can even pique the interest of residents that may initially resist or withdraw from participating.  Last winter, an Executive Director was expressing how much residents were loving the recent addition of LifeShare in their main lobby and community rooms.  One of her residents “Martha” who didn’t interact much and never wanted to get out of the building, seemed to take special interest over several days in the slide show.  The staff was surprised and delighted when she approached the front desk and told them she wanted to go see the Christmas lights too – pointing back at the TV.   

Conversations, engagement, and reminiscing happens around the CommunityShare TV slideshows that update everyone with what’s to come and remind what’s transpired.  You, too, can harness the power of visual messaging to work in your community.

LifeShare Technologies digital signage platform also includes staff tools like calendaring options, automated reminders, display pictures and videos, plus 2000 hours of activity resources, evidenced based music programs, games, podcasts and faith programming that works on any TV and mobile devices too.   

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