It seems very obvious that being happy is positive for our health, right? While this is absolutely true, I would like to dig a little deeper and see how families truly impact the lives of our residents in senior living more than we realize.

Research shows that happiness can be a direct result of social interaction among family and friends. When people socialize and interact with others, they tend to have a greater sense of purpose and well-being. In a study titled “Social Relationships and Mortality in Older Adulthood,” the American Sociological Association researched how the family vs. friend relationship-type can affect an older adult’s lifespan. While relationships with friends seem imperative as we begin to age, this study suggests that relationships with family members, not friends, decrease the likelihood of death. Lead author, James Iveniuk, concluded that “it is the people who in some sense you cannot choose, and who also have little choice about choosing you, who seem to provide the greatest benefit to longevity.”

With that being said, we know that involving family members is key to increasing resident engagement within senior living. LifeShare accomplishes this through the use of our exclusive LifeShare Family Mobile App. The app allows you to stay connected in two different ways: the Community Access PIN and the Family Manager Account. The Community Access PIN allows families to see very general community information such as activities, menus, announcements, and pictures. The Family Manager piece allows families to upload content to their loved one’s account. Families can manage a photo album, set appointments, and send messages to their loved one as well as see general community-wide information.

LifeShare plays a critical role in the lives of the seniors that we serve. From sharing pictures and messages to displaying what seniors had for lunch yesterday, we strive to connect family members to residents in as many ways as possible. We believe that by providing an avenue to connect seniors, LifeShare can improve residents’ happiness, health, and overall well-being.

We would love to help your team work to better connect your residents to their families. LifeShare is a great tool to help you achieve this. For a free demo, please contact